We Transform Mundane to Remarkable

Kitchen Remodel 
We specialize in transforming residential homes into dream homes for our clients, ensuring their tastes and lifestyles are well-represented.
Whether you have specific ideas for your home improvement project or aren’t sure where to start, we can help. We’ll help you identify your goals and preferences and then complete a project that fits your exact needs.

We Provide "Roof-to-Foundation" Competency

Bathroom remodeling 
Our home improvement projects include kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, room additions, exteriors, interiors, roofing, structural changes, plumbing, electrical and more!
As a Class A Licensed General Contractor in Alexandria, we are uniquely qualified to design, build and manage your home remodeling project from start to finish. Whether you need a simple home improvement project or a complete renovation of your home and yard, we can help.
Ready for a Hassle-Free Home Improvement Project?
Whether this is your first home improvement project or your project is one of many, you’ve either heard about or endured disastrous experiences involving home improvement projects.

While many contractors say they provide great customer service, Anchor guarantees it! We receive the majority of our new clients from happy client referrals.

  • Is licensed and insured so your property is safe from liability claims
  • Provides detailed, written contracts so you get no surprises
  • Warrantees its work so you have peace of mind knowing you’ll be protected
  • Vetting its workers and ensures they show up on time, in uniform, with materials ready to work
Want the Simplicity of Working with Only One Contractor?
Unlike many contractors, Anchor has the expertise to handle almost any type of construction or installation project.

No need to juggle projects, contractors and schedules — we handle the entire job with no hidden fees.

With Anchor, you’ll receive:
  • A single contract that details every aspect of a job, including construction, installations, electrical, plumbing, brick / stone work, windows, doors, siding, roofing, lighting, painting and more
  • Peace of mind knowing your project is proceeding in a logical sequence under the guidance of a single entity
  • A single point of contact for all questions or concerns
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