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Architectural and Landscape Lighting

Lighting your home’s interior and exterior plays a significant role in not only the functionality of the spaces being lit, but in the overall ambience and beauty of your home. Too much, too little or the incorrect type of lighting can negatively impact your home’s comfort and aesthetics.

Why Residential Architectural Lighting

The lighting in and around our homes has an influential impact on our moods — it can calm and soothe us, excite and energize us or simply increase our productivity and improve the functionality of our living and working spaces.
Create the mood you want in your home with a combination of lighting types, such as pendants, sconces, ceiling, recessed — the options are almost endless with the residential lighting products available on the market today.
Let us help you add value and create the mood and functionality of any space in your home! Contact us today!

Residential Landscape Lighting

Your home and yard may look stunning during the day, but how does it appear at night? Add value and beauty to your home and yard with carefully planned, strategic outdoor lighting. This doesn’t mean light up your yard like you might for the holidays! It means selecting a few choice features around the exterior of your home to illuminate — as well as creating the perfect ambiance in your outdoor dining and relaxation spaces.
It also means lighting walkways and specific structures such as walls, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, gardens, fountains and pools for aesthetics and practicality.
Landscape lighting can include features to save energy and improve security such as motion-activated lights, sunlight-sensors and timed lights. With LED lights and other energy-efficient options, adding or improving the outdoor lighting around your property doesn’t have to cost a fortune. We can help you create the outdoor space and mood you want for your home.

Represent Your Tastes with Residential Architectural and Landscape Lighting

We can help you use light to express your tastes and lifestyle and create a unique sense of place and atmosphere. Contact us today!