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Custom Garage, Storage, & Office Spaces

Add value and convenience to your home with a custom garage, storage or office space. We can design it and build it, making it a hassle-free and streamlined process for you.

Custom Garages

Tired of scraping ice or wiping bird droppings off your car because you can’t park in your garage? Or need a bigger, better space to complete DYI projects?

Your garage is more than a place to park your car — it’s also usually a storage space for your “toys” too, including bikes, skis, tools and maybe even gardening equipment. It’s also the first and last place you see when leaving or returning home. If it’s a mess or just too small to store everything, we can transform it.

You’ve invested money and time into creating a comfortable and attractive home, so the garage should receive the same consideration.

We can enlarge your existing garage or build an entirely new one.

Types of Garages

We can enlarge or build a garage to fit your needs and your property. These are a few of the most common types:

Single-Car Garage: If you don’t have much space on your property, this can be a good choice.

Two or Three-Car Garage: These provide space for your cars or other vehicles such as motorcycles or small boats. If you want more storage, we can build them larger.

Garage Apartments: Earn some rental income or house extended family members with this type of garage that typically features parking for one or more cars on the main floor with a full apartment on the second.

Garage with Boat or RV Storage: Need a place to protect your boat or RV from the elements or thieves? These garages typically have space for one or two cars and an extra-long space for a boat or small RV. They also feature taller ceilings and larger doors.

Garage Workshop: Like to tinker with vehicles or woodworking and need a good place to work and store everything? We can build a garage that includes a workbench or other work surface with easy access to everything via large garage doors.

Carport: Want to add a carport to an existing garage or a stand-alone one to protect your vehicles — cars, boats, campers, recreational vehicles — from the elements? A carport is an affordable option.


Do you trip over your lawn mower, bikes or other things taking up space in your garage? Or spend countless hours of your life looking for things?

If enlarging your existing garage isn’t feasible or desirable, we can build an outdoor shed or storage building to house your lawn and gardening equipment, snow mobiles, skis or other “toys” or equipment. You can free up your garage for your car and find things easily when you have places to organize and store them.

We can build an attractive custom building that matches or complements your home.

Office / Studio Space

Do you work from home or simply need a bigger office space so you can be more comfortable and productive? Or maybe you’re a musician or artist and having your own private space to express your creativity, consider having us build you a custom office or studio.

We can transform an existing room, add a room or build a detached building that matches or complements your home.

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